Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Red-striped Kensington house annoys neighbours

The owners of a large townhouse in the wealthy Kensington borough of London have upset neighbours by painting the exterior of their home with bright red stripes, following a row over planning permission.
The owners wanted to demolish the house and rebuild it entirely, including a new two-storey basement. There was considerable local opposition to these controversial plans, leading to them being refused by Kensington and Chelsea council. This lead to the owners carrying out the unusual paint-job on the exterior of their home, much to their neighbours' dismay.
One anonymous local resident said: "It’s between unbelievably hideous and very funny. I think it's horrendous.
"It's funny but it's probably not the nicest gesture. It's kind of a 'piss off', I think - architecturally, it doesn't belong here."
A representative from the local council said that painting a building did not require planning permission.
The house owners have actually received approval of their plans following an appeal, but neighbours are determined to continue to fight the development.
Red-striped Kensington house annoys neighbours

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