Monday, 18 May 2015

'Vertical village' plans for Manchester

Architect Child Graddon Lewis is to work on the next stage of the £1bn regeneration of the old Granada TV Studios in Manchester, early plans for which include a 'vertical village' - two towers that could be made up of around 1,500 flats, a school, shops, cinema and other leisure facilities.
Vertical communities aim to maximise the potential of available land by building upwards, and provide almost everything people could need for living, working, shopping and leisure all in the same space.
The mixed-use towers may be built on the site of two car parks at the western end of what is now St John's Quarter, and would feature communal gardens within the cores of the towers.
Mike Ingall, head of the developers Allied London, commented: "The vertical village is an idea. It might not be realistic but who knows. You have got to be bold and push the boundaries of living and that is what we are trying to do.
"Our vision is not just to create a mixed-use neighbourhood for Manchester but to bring together enterprise, innovation, culture, entertainment and leisure in a unique proposition for the city."
The tranformation of the Granada Studios site is an eight year project which is based around The Factory - a major arts centre which received £78m of funding from the government.
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