Monday, 8 June 2015

A battery to power your house

US electric car company Tesla has revealed a couple of new products - batteries - not to power an electric vehicle but your whole house.
The batteries were recently announced by Chief Executive Elon Musk. They are designed to provide a supply of stored energy that could be used during blackouts, for those who can generate their own energy via solar panels or wind, or to provide power in locations where this would otherwise be impossible.
The batteries use the same lithium-ion technology as those employed in the company's electric cars, and will be available initially to installers in the form of a 7kWh unit for £1,954 and a 10kWh unit for £2,275.
One kWh is enough to power a laptop for two days, a full washing machine cycle or to boil a kettle ten times, according to energy comparison company USwitch.
Alasdair Cameron, renewable energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth, thinks that solar panels and a storage battery could become as common as central heating in future. He said: "Just as the internet changed the way we use information, so renewable sources, like wind and solar, are changing the way we make and use energy - and electricity storage is an important part of that change."
Director of Engineering at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Colin Brown commented: "Without storage you've always got to have huge capacity just in case one of the peaks comes through at a particular time, such as a very hot day when you need a lot of cooling, and so a lot of demand. With storage, you don't have to have all of that massive production of energy."
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