Monday, 15 June 2015

Architectural charity Article 25 appeal to rebuild schools in Nepal

Article 25, the architectural aid charity, has launched an appeal looking to raise £50,000 to fund the rebuilding of schools in Nepal following the recent earthquake devastation.
Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the most deadly it has experienced for 81 years, which caused devastation across the country. Even climbers on mount Everest were hit by avalanches caused by the tremors.
The death toll has risen to over 6,000, with over 8,000 injured in the disaster.
The charity is hoping to raise the £50,000 within eight weeks, allowing them to "be on the ground after the initial urgent need for food and water has subsided" to carry out rebuilding and earthquake resilience work with local partners.
Managing director of Article 25, Robin Cross, explained that they had been planning work on increasing the earthquake resilience of schools in the capital Kathmandu and surrounding areas even before the earthquake, saying that "everybody knew the earthquake was coming".
"Schools are a particular area of concern," Robin continued. "They protect future generations and act as a safe haven for the community when it needs it. We can't prevent earthquakes, but we can mitigate their impact."
The primary need is for funds, but Robin said that they would also be happy to hear from anyone with suitable skills who is interested in getting involved.
Article 25 has over ten years experience in the construction of earthquake-resistant schools in disaster-hit countries around the world, and have shown that after the initial aid response, long-term planning can make all the difference.
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