Tuesday, 13 October 2015

£280m offer for most expensive house in the UK

2 to 8a Rutland Gate, a 60,000 square foot, 45 bedroom mansion just off Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, is on the market and has received an offer of £280m, making it the most expensive property in the UK.
The huge house was previously owned by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, but was put on the market after his death in 2012.
It was given an asking price of £300m, double the price of the second most expensive home in the UK. The current offer of £280m is being considered, but is expected to be accepted.
The house has a large swimming pool in the basement, underground parking and several lifts to make navigating the extensive space more manageable.
It is thought that unless the new owners want the entire space for themselves, the property could be divided up into many luxury apartments, or possibly be returned to four large family homes, which was the original intention for the building.
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