Tuesday, 27 October 2015

30ft hole opens up on busy Manchester road

The Mancunian Way, one of the busiest roads in the Manchester City Centre, has been closed in both directions after a huge 30ft wide hole opened up on the eastbound carriageway.
The appearance of the hole was triggered by heavy rainfall today, but the erosion of a large water pipe underground is believed to have been the main contributing factor in the caving in of the surface.
The hole is around 30ft across and approximately 40ft deep.
The road has been cordoned off in both directions between the Macdonald Hotel, close to Piccadilly Station, and Fairfield Street.
Since it first appeared earlier today, the hole has been reported to have increased in size, with part of the pavement collapsing as well.
Council officers report that the road may remain closed for several days, and traffic is being diverted around the area in the meantime.

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