Monday, 11 July 2016

Council give special Christmas gift to young lighting enthusiast

Wigan Council have given a special Christmas gift to a local boy, Ben McKenna, who has been collecting lights and lamps for years - a brand new LED street light.
The grandmother of 15 year old Ben had called the Council to ask where she could buy one of the LED lights that had been recently installed across the region.
Instead, the kind folks at the street lighting team decided to wrap up one of the lights to present to the boy, who was reported to be 'speechless' at the gift.
Ben has loved lights since a very young age, always wanting to go the lighting section of any supermarket they visited, grandmother Carol said.
"Most kids wanted sweets, but he was happy with a light bulb."
He had wanted one of the new street lights since he had seen them being fitted.
The light was given free of charge by the Council's suppliers.
Ben has been signed up as the youngest member of the Institute of Lighting Professionals, and is looking into a career in street lighting.
Wigan Council's Technical and Design Officer for street lighting, Chris Pennington, commented: "He is very knowledgeable and was asking us about what qualifications he needs to progress. We are delighted to encourage it in any way."

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