Monday, 25 July 2016

Lighthouse in urgent need of help to avoid fall into sea

The Orfordness lighthouse in Suffolk is in danger of falling into the sea, and is in need of donations to help save the iconic building which was built in 1792.
The lighthouse is now only around ten metres from the sea, since coastal erosion has contributed to the gap halving within the last four years.
The Orfordness Lighthouse Trust has set up a £10,000 appeal in a bid to fund crucial repairs and sea defences which could save the lighthouse. Without any action, the historic Grade II listed building would likely be gone within months.
Placing temporary 'Soft Defences' - bags of shingle wrapped in 'sausages' of high performance geo textile bonding - in front of the lighthouse has already extended its life.
A group of able volunteers are ready to start work to enhance the temporary defences, putting another two layers of wrapped shingle to shore up the beach below the lighthouse, but cannot do so without funding.
To allow this reassuring feature of the Suffolk coastline to remain open to visitors the support of the public is important and any donations greatly appreciated by the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust.
Nicholas Gold set up the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust having bought the building from Trinity House, the country's general lighthouse authority, after it was decommissioned as a working lighthouse in June 2013.
Mr Gold said: "If the work is not carried out in the next few weeks, the lighthouse will, in all likelihood, not be standing in a year's time."

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